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Dooby Lane: Also Known as Guru Road, A Testament Inscribed in Stone Tablets

If left alone, what might a place say? If we must leave it, what must we leave behind? Guru Road, Dooby Lane. It was in this place where, nearly twenty years ago, Gary Snyder discovered, considered, and chronicled such latitudinal ruminations by way of one man, DeWayne “Dooby” Williams, and the coalesced stories and tributes upon which Williams faithfully etched granite, his elected canvas. When Snyder and his wife, Carole, were camping along the Black Rock playa, northwest of the Great Basin and northeast of the town of Gerlach, they deviated from their journey down a paved path to explore a little dirt road that glinted with intrigue. This spontaneous decision led Snyder to “this remarkable text of life and spirit” and to Williams who, retired and living with cancer, was creating the testament of a lifetime—that which would transcend corporeal measures and touch the lives of countless people in endless moments for many years to come.

 DeWayne Williams created this extended work of Earth Art in the Black Rock desert, not far from the current site of the Burning Man gathering. This full-color book presents a series of photographs by photographer and writer, Peter Goin, accompanied by the prose and poetry of Gary Snyder. Collectively, Goin and Snyder’s work transfigures this ephemeral stillness into a mosaic of timeless energy. After their auspicious first meeting, Snyder encountered Williams only once more. Upon Snyder’s third return, Williams was gone. What did remain were his words in stone, and should they too ever leave, his wisdoms will remain within these pages for all time.

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