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Of all the dramatic mountain lake environments in the world, the Lake Tahoe basin—split between Nevada and California—has the greatest innate draw. Readily accessible to a population in the tens of millions and a destination for excursion-goers and vacationers since the 1870s, Tahoe is now a mecca for second homes, skiing, summer visits, retirement tax havens, and spirited gambling.

            Lake Tahoe: A Rephotographic History offers the most comprehensive view of the lake and its environment in a compelling visual compendium. Peter Goin and his research team spent more than two decades researching original images made in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and they rephotographed selected historic views between 2009 and 2021. This is a visual journey of a changing and transformed landscape that inherently embraces an alpine ideal of nature; each pair of photographs reflects two moments in time in a historical narrative of sight and words. This is the largest photographic survey of Lake Tahoe, and it will be the definitive survey for many years to come.

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